The 9 Functions your 3DCAD Package Must Deliver

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Have you been confused or overwhelmed by the complexity and choice of 3DCAD software available for your business?

Now, you can benefit from the wisdom and experience of engineers who have been using 3D methods for 20 years or more. Before you spend your valuable money you can assess your own requirements with this easy to follow free report that guides you through 9 fundamental criteria that are critical for assessing any 3DCAD package.

Download your copy of The 9 Functions Your 3DCAD Package MUST deliver and as a free gift we offer you a design audit to help you identify the right CAD solution for your business (valued at $647).

Why 2D drawings confuse most people

CAD is all about showing ideas. You live in a 3D world, so you see objects in the same way. Think about it…when it comes to looking at designs you naturally prefer a 3D experience compared to...

Finding collision points BEFORE fabrication

On 2D drawings, finding all the instances where parts collide is difficult. Because updates to 2D take so long, many users take shortcuts, like changing a dimension on a part without updating the...

Delays in the manufacturing queue stop production

If a manufacturer has to “rebuild” your 2D design in 3D, two problems arise. First, this adds an extra step to the process, which costs extra time and money. Manufacturers want their shops...

How about those frustrating manual updates (if you can be bothered)

Are you the person who spends most of their design time just keeping ALL the drawings up to date as everyone wants to change something? In 2D, you have to manually update every drawing view whenever...

Communicating with 2D users

Even though you may be designing in 3D, a good software package can output drawings and images in multiple 2D formats. So you can still communicate in all the common 2D formats, such as DWG,...

Converting 2D data to 3D

If existing 2D designs will be the basis for creating your next-generation products, it makes sense to take the time to remodel them in 3D. Besides producing 2D formats, a good 3D package can...

Steve Wolfe - CEO CAD/CAM Publishing

Based on the research by Steve Wolfe

CEO CAD/CAM Publishing

Steve Wolfe is currently an independent consultant in the fields of CAD/CAM, CAD, product data management, and rapid prototyping. He formerly published Computer Aided Design Report, which he started in 1981. Wolfe also received a Lifetime Award from the CAD Society for his publishing work. Prior to his publishing career, Wolfe had his own consulting engineering business, Engineers’ Cooperative.

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Our comprehensive report will detail common problems that arise in most 2D drafting environments and help you figure out how to alleviate those issues by transitioning to 3D. Its a big move, so we've got this easy guide on how to choose the right 3DCAD package to ease the burden and help you save both time and money.

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